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Babyshower’s Tips For Mom Wanna-Be

For those of you who are planning to hold a baby shower to celebrate a baby who is coming soon, be sure to prepare everything, starting from the committee, invitation, time and place and theme. If you need decoration, you can visit our website and see our bumblebee decorations.

1. The committee can be friends, younger sisters, you yourself assisted by friends and relatives, or use the services of a party organizer.

2. Invitations are aimed at those closest to you. Baby showers were once considered a women’s party, but now the tradition has shifted because even men can attend. Gwen Stefani’s baby shower, for example, was also attended by male friends Gavin Rossdale, Gwen’s husband.

3. The ideal time and place for a weekend, in a relaxed afternoon. The party lasts 3 to 4 hours. The place can be at home, or in a rental location, both indoors and outdoors. When carrying her twin babies, actress Julia Robert held a baby shower at the hospital because she had to bedrest!

4. The theme chosen can be very varied. You can choose the theme of the British empire if you are fascinated by the elegant and luxurious style of British aristocrats. You can choose other themes, for example, Tea Party, Mardi Gras, Safari, Sugar, Spice, and Everything Nice or Litlle Miss Diva. When the theme has been set, enter the theme in the invitation design, dress code, decorations, and dishes. Let your exciting ideas flow.

Decorating everything about babies and babies! Wall decoration from hanging pacifiers, paper napkins in the form of baby clothes, decorating balloons decorated with paper shaped pacifiers or beeps, laying soft toys dolls, rattles and teether as table decorations, displaying photos of you and your husband as babies (cute!), place the new mom’s rocking chair as an accent in decorating the room.

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