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All Real Reviews Said By Our Clients

Every time one of our clients chooses us as their digital marketing partner, we receive King Kong agency reviews. The most satisfying times for King Kong are when we assist other businesses and organizations in increasing their level of embracing.

Many different agencies should be tried, including well-known ones with decades of expertise. This is not King Kong. Compared to my previous agency, they were able to lower my cost per click from Facebook and Google by 100%. They are incredibly thorough and competent. The central agencies don’t bother with tiny companies like us, unlike King Kong, which would put in 101% effort for even little companies like us; extremely delighted to have found them through a friend’s suggestion. Been in this field for years and began utilizing the agency from the first day.

Numerous clients immediately changed their marketing tactics during the circuit breaker to include more product offerings, improve their teleconsultation service, and successfully introduce a new product line. The clinical team has been able to stay secure because to King Kong’s efforts, which have kept clients in continual communication with future clients. Customers may have successfully resisted the large revenue decline anticipated by most people.

After working with King Kong, who has been a massive help with running the Facebook efforts, clients may utilize it to juggle optimizing Facebook campaigns on top of their workload and instead focus on strategy and outcome.

With quick response times, the King Kong staff was courteous. They work quickly and effectively. King Kong provided support in various ways for the setup and migration of our digital sales platforms during the circuit breaker, from website redirections to troubleshooting clients’ new store pages, which helped to recover some revenue during the circuit breaker period when our stores were closed.

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