Geneura Uncategorized Advantages And Disadvantages Of Condo Investment

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Condo Investment

When the question about the right time to buy a condominium arises, the right answer is now. There is an increase in unit prices along with inflation. That is why if you want to purchase one bernam condo, it is better to check out the one bernam condo showflat right now. As we all know, inflation causes property prices to creep up every year. Consequently, the rate or unit price of your condo will also follow the development. If you are interested in selling it, of course, you will receive a capital gain that is twice the buying price of the condo. However, it is highly advised that you, condo unit owners rent it out as a plan to get a very promising cash flow.

There are other advantages that you can receive as a condo investor. As an investor, aka the owner of a room unit for rent, you can use the condo facilities and visit for free, if the unit is not being leased. Fun is not it? If you don’t want to relax at home and want to waste the weekend with your family in a private condo, you can think of this choice. Those are the advantages that you will get if you have a condo investment. However, don’t be in a rush to allocate your money before taking a look at one bernam condo showflat. As a wise investor, of course, you must also consider the various disadvantages or disadvantages of condo investment.

As a co-owner of a condominium unit, you have the responsibility to pay the condo association dues. This charge is indeed designated for the maintenance of various building maintenance services, which makes it unnecessary for you as an investor to think about it. You only need to pay the dues together with other investors and leave all the arrangements to the management of the condominium association concerned. All properties are not liquid funds. For those of you who think you can sell it at any time, you are wrong. Finding a condo seller at the right price is quite a difficult endeavor, especially if you require fresh funds quickly. It is highly recommended that you do not put your emergency fund in investment property types, including condominiums.

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