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A Career In Music? Why Not!

Music, for some people, is considered as a reliever as well as channelling a hobby. But for some people, a career in music is a choice. Usually, to start a career in music, you can join a Joe Solo first. Well, for those of you who love music and want a career in the music world, there are various jobs that you can do anyway. Not only about singing on stage, here are 5 jobs in the music industry:

– Artist & Repertoire (A&R)

To become an A&R, your musical tastes and sensitivity in predicting new talents that will develop into important abilities. You are responsible for the various talents on a record label.

– Concert promoter

Being a concert promoter isn’t just about designing events, you know. Because, it takes sensitivity in choosing an artist, time, moment and even place. Besides, music concert promoters are also responsible for everything from ticket sales to marketing. If you are used to organizing events, of course, this job will be very challenging for you.

– music journalist

Like listening to music and like to write? Wow, you are right to be a music journalist. Being a music journalist is not just writing news, but in some media also requires you to be able to review and write criticism of the works of musicians. Being a music journalist is arguably an exciting job because it can meet with idols to be interviewed.

– music therapist

Using a variety of methods, from singing to combining musical rhythms, therapists in this field use music as healing for their patients.

Now that’s some kind of work in the music industry that you can do. Being an artist and a career in the music world also has a bright future, the same as other jobs. So what are you waiting for, guys?

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