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What Is Darts Of Fury?

Darts game is one type of game that can usually be found in bars. In this game, the player throws a small missile called a “dart” at a round target board. The board is divided into small pieces that have a score, and the players will compete with each other to reduce their scores to zero and become winners. This Darts game was appointed as a game by Yakuto, with the cool title “Darts of Fury”. Meanwhile, if you are more interested in real dart games and you want to buy the board, we recommend you check out the finest dart board for the money.

In Darts of Fury, players will compete in throwing darts against other players from around the world. Players will compete in an international league starting from the lowest league of Sparrows to finally reach the legendary Eagles League. Can you do it?

In Darts of Fury, players will take turns throwing darts at the target board with other players. Whoever succeeds in reducing the score from 101 to 0 first wins the match. How to throw the darts is quite easy, just swiping on the touch screen from the bottom up, of course by directing the darts to the desired target.

The fun here, the darts used in the game turned out to be very sophisticated and modern. If a player has reached a critical point in order to win the game, then the player will be shown a target that must be charged by the darts board automatically.

If you are a fan of customization, guaranteed to be satisfied with the darts customization feature in Darts of Fury. There are three parts that can be customized, namely the arrowhead, the stem, and the flying part. There are 80 kinds of darts to be customized with hundreds of flying parts, each part can be given a unique sticker and colored according to their individual tastes. When competing, the opponents can also see the customization of darts that have been made by you in detail.

Darts of Fury appear in 3D in a cool, modern arena. Players can see in detail the darts they are about to throw, complete with animated darts flying towards the target board.

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