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5 Effective Ways To Learn English Writing For Beginners

Writing is a basic ability in the English language. So this basic ability is also often tested in several exams, such as TOEFL, IELTS, b1 test or even a2 test. Don’t forget to to hone your English skills better.

1. Arrange everything well. All? Yep, schedules, places, materials, and other things you need before learning English writing.

Before diving into the writing activity, you should spare some time to arrange all the necessary things. This plan will be very helpful when writing practice later. Prepare a schedule, choose a place, material, dictionary, books, pens & other stationery according to your needs.

2. To be able to achieve your dreams, you need to sacrifice. Ask yourself what will be given to become proficient in English Writing?

How many hours a day will be sacrificed to learn writing? Ready to fight feeling lazy and bored when writing practice? Ask yourself other sacrifices that can be made to achieve the dream’s future.

3. Write about what you hear! Whether it’s an English song, audio or video. This hones 2 skills at once: Listening and Writing. Write whatever you hear to practise listening & writing English

Choose study material that you can hear and write in English. Listen again and check what was written. Repeat this many times (at least until you are sure of what was written). Continue to check your writing. Look at the lyrics of the song or audio or video subtitle. In this way, you have improved your listening and writing skills at the same time.

4. Learning to Write English can be started by making simple sentences. Focus on 3 to 5 tenses first. Don’t be ambitious to master all tenses in an instant.

After finishing checking your writing by looking at the lyrics or subtitles, don’t leave it at that. You can use it to learn about English sentences. With this step, indirectly also learn about tenses.

5. Writing diaries every day as a way to learn English writing. Write a comment in English. Anyway, make writing as a hobby.
Write English diary and make writing a hobby so writing skills improve

Now, after learning tenses and knowing how to make simple sentences, it’s time to practice. Write continuously until the activity becomes a necessity. Like eating. We can’t live without food. We also shouldn’t be able to stand it without writing in a day.

Write anything. To be more fun, you can write a diary in English. Start with 1 sentence per day, then increase to 2 sentences, and so on. Search for a new word, understand its meaning and then write it in simple sentences. Not just a habit, make learning activities Writing English as a hobby.

In addition to sacrifice, learning to write English is also a process. As with a mountain climbing trip. You have to go through a long winding & steep terrain.

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