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3 Key Business Benefits of Brand Stories

A brand story is the story behind all the names, designs, and contents that exist in your business. Everything that your business does, its elements, communication concepts, transactions, to hiring staff are part of your brand story. Every company has its own brand story.

Brand stories are not only about how you tell and serve customers but also shape the mindset or perception of customers towards your business. This means impacts you bottom line. For a better explanation we highly recommend you read this to understand why storytelling matters to ROI.

So other than ROI, why else are brand stories needed by your business? Three key reasons that make brand stories essential in today’s competitive marketing landscape are:

1. Brand stories can build customer trust in your company.

At this point, we will give an example of Apple Inc. Almost everyone would know the story of Steve Jobs and Apple right? Well, behind Apple products, the audience can feel the emotions experienced by Steve Jobs in making and continuing to improve the quality of Apple itself, so the audience believes in Apple even though the company is setting prices high enough for its products though.

2. A “Story” can make your company liked by people.

Most people are willing to spend their money by going to the movies, or just buying a DVD. What do they really want? Watching movies? That answer might be right, but more precisely, they want a story. People want a good and interesting story so that it allows them to get inspiration or new horizons about life. If you can provide business with your personal story, why not?

3. Brand stories establish a company persona.

With the strong character of your business branding, it will directly impact your corporate persona. Branding like that can also make people better understand you, and it gives people a sense of what and who you are.
So, those three things are the reasons why brand stories should describe and form the branding of your company. Well good luck, marketers!

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